IFAC 2017 World Congress

IFAC 2017 World Congress
Toulouse, France, 9-14 July 2017

Open invited track, Paper submission deadline Oct. 31, 2016

Modeling and Control of Power Generation Systems 

Track proposed by:  Joseph Bentsman, Kwang Y. Lee 

Abstract:  To satisfy the increasing world energy demand, while conserving the fuel consumption and preserving the environment, the relation between renewables, fossils, and nuclear needs to change dramatically and new clean fossil-based energy generation technologies, like chemical looping, need to come on board. Utilization of all of these energy sources relies on active control. Therefore, cutting edge modeling and control research are great enablers of progress in this area. Power generation at present has a number of hot topics. Fusion, wind-turbine, and solar/thermal power generation control are as hot as ever, clean fossil generation technologies, such as chemical looping and fuel cells, are slowly coming to fruition, and even the fossil-fueled power plant control has to cope now with enormous challenges of integration into a smart gridalongside renewables. The objective of this open invited track is to showcase the innovations in power generation modelling and control across the entire spectrum of power generation systems. 

Code for submitting contributions: 5f8k1